understanding cryptocurrency

Understanding cryptocurrency. Let’s learn about trading cryptocurrency. you will learn the strategies for cryptocurrency trading. If you are new and want to start cryptocurrency trading don’t forget to read the post which you will find at the end of this article.

understanding cryptocurrency


  • Don’t Go For Pump And Dump Coins.
  • There Are A Lot Of Whales In The Cryptocurrency Market Who Always Swim For Pumping Coins For Their Profit In The Market.

learn crypto trading

  •  If You Are Finding A Coin That Suddenly Pumps (Without Any Solid News ) Then You Have To Be Very Careful.


  • Do your homework on your favorite coin which You Want To Trade.
  •  Go To Coinmarketcap.Com And Visit Official Account Of The Coin Which You Want To Trade Like (Matic, Link, Xrp, Etc.).
  • See their profile and progress map
  •  Search for that coin in the crypto community. In short, don’t just jump in coin without studying about them
  •  If You Think Their Team And Developer Are On Twitter Showing Their Weekly Work And Their Faces. Then You Can Trust But Do Search For Coin Detail Deeply.


understanding crypto currency


  •  When Coin Is Trading at 50% Up Or Sometimes More Than That (Then You Don’t Have To Be Greedy Go and find the reason for their gain).
  •  If You Think Coin Will Achieve Huge Mile Stone In BlockChain Industry Then You Can Enter For Long Term Investment.
  •  If a coin has very very Solid news (On that stage it depends on you how you judge ).




  •  Don’t Think You Will Become Rich In One Day.


Patience is very important in every stage of life. The long term investment is best and requires more patience. Few Favorite coins of crypto lover are mentioned below(for Long Term Investment).

  •  Chain Link
  •  Matic
  •  Solana
  •  Bat
  •  Vet
  •  Atom
  •  Bnb And HBar.

In order to trade these coins on a secure platform, you have to create an account. For creating an account click on the highlighted text.


No. Cryptocurrency is not packed in small market but these tips will play a huge role when you will start trading newly.

When bitcoin is not stable or sometimes no one can predict about bitcoin at that time every tip fails. At that time it’s better to be in btc.