Crypto long term investment: If you are old tiger of the crypto market then you may have lost some money in crypto investment. If you are new in the crypto market and thinking about investing in the crypto market for the long term then read this guide this may help you. Starting crypto long term investment discussion.

crypto long term investment


In crypto long term investment, First of all, find who is behind the technology. If the team is in front of the screen then you can start thinking of investing in that project. What’s their future?. how they will achieve the milestone. The Main is that project/coin is listed to most advanced exchanges like Binance or coinbase.


  • Chainlink

Chainlink is one of the best performing coins in 2020. Many people have already invested in chainlink and slept. Chainlink has amazing technology and has the best performers (teams) of the crypto industry. In short Chainlink’s team is monster and has amazing future goals. Chainlink may go 50-500$+ in upcoming years.

crypto long term investment

  • Basic Attention Token

Basic attention token is all about when a user gets or gives attention to the internet. Bat coin has an amazing affiliate program also. Many crypto experts predict bat can go 5-22$ in upcoming years. It is a digital advertising token built on the ethereum blockchain. The aim of bat coin is to create a network of advertisements and advantages for publishers.

Binance is one of the greatest and best exchange in the crypto industry. It is very secure and user friendly. Binance put a coin for trading on its platform by investigating them. Many crypto experts predict binance may gain a massive value of 50-500$ in upcoming years. The team behind binance is very very intellectual and hardworking. They have aim of decentralizing the World.

crypto long term investment

  • XRP

Xrp has a market cap of 8+billion dollars. The team behind xrp has a huge goal to become a big player in the finance industry. They want to be the favorite of the banking sector. Many crypto experts predict that xrp may gain a massive valuation of 3-15$ in upcoming years.

  • VET

Vechain is one of the oldest players in the crypto industry. Vechain had already partnered with many big networks of the world. Many crypto experts predict vechain price from 0.5-2$ in upcoming years. The team behind the vechain is highly intellectual. Vechain had already worked hard and works on its own blockchain. These were good coins for crypto long term investment.


Bitcoin is the king of the crypto industry. There are many chances that if there is investment coming towards the crypto market bitcoin is the first whole will get much water. Many crypto experts predict that bitcoin may gain a massive valuation of the 50000-100K dollars in upcoming years.



While reading this post crypto long-term investment you may think that there are many good projects which aren’t mentioned in this guide, but this guide includes old players of crypto history.

There are many examples in the crypto market about (new coins coming in the crypto market and performing brilliant but many of them were failing after some months). So time will take who is the winner of the crypto industry.

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Finished crypto long term investment?. You will find a guide on this platform where you will learn how to start crypto trading and understanding the crypto trading. Investing and trading are very different. It totally depends upon you if you are trading or investing.

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