How to make a friendship bracelet and earn

Before starting how to make a friendship bracelet let’s understand is it easy to sell and earn from bracelet or not?. Well, selling Bracelet is easy if you know how to attract a group of people. You want something unique and original. Start thinking about the new design of bracelets. Learn from the internet about bracelets. There area lot of designs available on the internet. Take a design edit something and prepare for business.

Start bracelet making business in 50$ 2

You need to buy a bulk of bracelet beads. Choose a beautiful design. Remember to buy bracelet beads in bulk you that you can save more profit after sale. You can buy this from Alibaba or Amazon. There is also a way to sale friendship bracelet after buying it from Ali baba.


1. After buying material learn to make products.

2. The general rule is to cut pieces of floss the length between your fingertips and shoulder – I would say right around 30 inches works well for me! I tried 25 with the first one and it cut it awful close.

3. My wrists are right around 6 inches, so let’s just say measure your wrist and then multiply that by 5 to be safe. You don’t want to run out of floss after all that knotting and not be able to finish it.

If you’re going to be making a product that is more than six strands it might be a good idea to add another 6 inches, too! You’ll be making extra knots with every row, and therefore going through each color a little quicker.

4. Try to make news designs.


Start selling your product on amazon or make your own page, a profile on a social media platform.

  • Amazon
  • eBay
  • Facebook page
  • website
  • Amazon is very huge market having a lot of traffic of buyers. There is also a huge competition for seller to get listed on top of the page because of having huge pottential.
  • Ebay Is also huge market but not more than amazon. You can also sell there and make profit.
  • Facebook has introduced it’s shop feature. You can easily sell your products through facebook page now. Make your facebook page stronger and sell from it. You can giveaway some products at starting in order to reach high traffic.
  • Making your own website is also an easy task. This will require 100-500$ and rest of the money in marketing it. If you are ahving skills of making website then 100-500$ will be very enough for website.


Investment should be in your mind before starting a bracelet making business. You can start with Small Investment it would be better to invest 50$.

Spend 20$ on social media monetization your page about sale bracelets.

In this order, you will max your sale in a short time.

Start bracelet making business in 50 dollars

  • Maximum Investment 

Don’t invest 300$ or 500$ at initial.

Invest a maximum of 100-150$ in order to make good money. First, learn to analyze the market and then sell.

You can make it for your self also if you like it.


Leaving how to make a friendship bracelet

You can sell friendship bracelet and all type of bracelet after buying in bulk from Alibaba. Alibaba is a platform where manufacturers and suppliers are ready to give 100% service with very low prices. You can buy in bulk and sell it in the local market. You can also create your brand slowly from the place where are you right now. You can contact with supplier or manufacturer and let him/her know your brand name and you will get your bracelet with that tag name. First start with only buying bracelets and selling it.

How to make friendship bracelet and earn
How to buy

First of all you have to create an account on Alibaba. After creating and account verify if the platform is asking for. Alibaba is hundred trusted and best paltform in the world. After verifying go for the product which you want and contact with seller. If you need some changes in any product you can contact with manufacturer.


If you are creative go for making bracelet. DIY. But if you are not able to make bracelet and intrested in this busienss go for Alibaba.

Medium-High. It totallty depends on you.